Are you making these 3 mistakes in trying to lose weight in menopause?

The 3 most common mistakes I see in women trying to lose weight in menopause are:

1. Cutting calories to achieve a calorie deficit.

When you eat less your body adjusts and does less [aka you won’t lose weight].

Reducing calories is NOT sustainable and does NOT take into account your age, sex, weight ow whether your body is in fat-burning mode.

2. Radically stepping up your exercise regime.

Doing more exercise places an additional stress on your body and won’t help you lose weight. It can even STOP you from burning body fat.

3. Choosing low-fat foods such as yoghurt, cheese & spreads.

These products are highly processed and may also contain extra sugar to compensate for the reduction in fat. Healthy fats are vital for hormonal balance and a trouble-free menopause.

What you REALY need for long term sustainable weight loss AND to keep the weight off in menopause is a personalised weight loss strategy.

A strategy that ensures you’re eating the right kinds of foods to burn fat, incorporates the right amount of exercise AND fuels your body with the nutrients it needs.

How to lose weight for life is what I teach my clients inside The Menopause Method my customised 12-week 1:1 programme for women who are ready to start getting back to normal and feeling like their old selves again.

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