Myth: HRT is the only solution to your menopause symptoms. Nutrition + lifestyle make no difference!

I’m calling rubbish on the myth that HRT is the only solution to your menopause symptoms.

I’ve worked with many women who have initially been skeptical about how a natural approach can help them feel better.

Suzanne is a classic case in point. When I first met her, she initially didn’t believe that I could help her get back to feeling like her old self because she thought she had a healthy diet and life-style.

She was feeling like a broken person and finding it hard to see to the end of the day. Her extreme mood swings, zero energy and brain fog left her unable to think straight and her weight was in-creasing. She also just couldn’t get an uninterrupted night’s sleep.

Suzanne didn’t want to take HRT and so when her symptoms got so bad she eventually took the plunge and signed up to my 1:1 personalised 12-week nutrition coaching programme – The Men-opause Method.

Together we worked on improving her energy levels, reducing her mood swings and her brain fog and Suzanne is now able to look forward to the rest of her life. Such a great result!

So what did we do during the 12 weeks of working together?

✅ We cut down on the sugary & starchy carbs that play havoc with blood sugar levels & hor-mones.

✅ We ensured she was eating protein at each meal, to give her sufficient energy to get her through her busy days.

✅ We identified that she was gluten intolerant that was zapping her of energy.

✅ We worked on mindful eating to help her digestion, plus finding time for herself to relax, un-wind and de-stress.

✅ We introduced specific supplements to support the nutritional deficiencies identified through testing, that were safe to take with her diagnosed health condition.

If you identify with Suzanne’s story, I can help you too!

My approach is to teach you how to manage your specific set of symptoms so that you can get back to feeling normal [or even better] again.

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