“I’ve lost weight, got more energy and have had to reduce my HRT”

When I first met Cathy she'd been failing to lose the 1.5 stone she’d put on in the past year.

Cathy had tried everything. Cutting calories, Weight Watchers, Slimming World, Slimfast and inter-mittent fasting!

BUT nothing she tried helped shift the weight.

Here’s how in just 2 weeks of working together Cathy has more energy, feels better in herself and has lost weight!

I created a PERSONALISED sustainable weight loss plan that specifically fits with HER lifestyle.

She’s no longer forcing herself to eat foods she hates!

She’s not counting calories.

She’s not weighing food.

Cathy's eating foods that she loves to cook, eat and enjoy.

AND as a busy career woman she has a sustainable weight loss strategy that is EASY to implement and fits into her hectic schedule.


Results like this are available to you inside The Menopause Method - my 1:1 personalised nutrition coaching programme.

December Offer

60-minute Nutrition MOT - £75

[usually £95]