A 12-week 1:1 programme for women who are ready to start getting back to feeling like their old selves again.

Sound Familiar?

  • You feel like you’re going crazy because you just can't think straight like you used to. 
  • You worry about every single little thing in your life that’s never been a problem before. You constantly feel anxious and overwhelmed.
  • You’re getting hot and sweaty because of your hot flushes. You’re embarrassed and feel uncomfortable. It’s undermining your confidence.
  • You wake up in the middle of night soaking wet! You could wring out your pyjamas. You feek like a hot mess! …. Literally!
  • You’re tired all the time because you can’t remember the last time you had a good night's sleep.
  • Your clothes don’t fit you like they used to. It’s making you feel fat, old and frumpy.
  • You've stopped sociaising, because you just don't have the energy any more.

This was me too!

 I’ve been exactly where you are right now.

8 years ago, I was working in my senior marketing career, when severe brain fog struck. It left me unable to think clearly; I suffered extreme anxiety and my confidence disappeared overnight.

The constant hot flushes were not only embarrassing, but I always felt nervous because they would strike at any time.


I felt like I’d lost any sense of who I was anymore. I hardly recognised the previously bright, intelligent, feisty woman I once was.


But after researching and implementing changes to my diet, exercise and sleep routine, my symptoms improved and my confidence returned. I got back to being sharp, focused, feisty and ready to take on anything.

Imagine this ….

  • You’ve uncovered the secret to stopping your brain fog. You can think clearly and now feel confident and in control at work.
  • You’ve stopped anxiety in its tracks. You’re feeling calm and focused all day. 
  • Your hot flushes are now few and far between. You're no longer worrying about being red-faced and feeling embarrassed.
  • You’ve discovered how to sleep like a baby. You’ve said good-bye to being wide awake at 3am and unable to get back to sleep.
  • You’re feeling strong, confident and attractive. You’ve lost weight and can fit back into the clothes you love.  
  • You’re waking up feeling refreshed, energised and raring to go. You’re back to doing all the activities you enjoy. 
  • You’re loving life and socialising again.

THE MENOPAUSE METHOD will give you the confidence you’re on the right track to finally feeling like your old self again.


You’ll follow a proven method that’s worked for me and my clients, who are able to STOP brain fog, hot flushes and other menopausal symptoms disrupting their careers and START feeling normal again.

Here’s what you’ll learn during 12 weeks of high level powerful 1:1 nutrition coaching:-

  • How to clear your brain fog and regain your focus, clarity and confidence at work.
  • The best way to lose weight healthily and sustainably, so you have more energy and fit back into your clothes again.
  • How to stop anxiety and overwhelm for good.
  • Techniques to reduce hot flushes and night sweats naturally, so you’re not relying on supplements that just don’t work.
  • How to stop waking up at 3am, enabling you to wake up feeling refreshed, recharged and ready for the day.
  • The secret to finding out exactly what your hormones are doing so you can get started bringing them back into balance.

AND finally feel normal and like your old self again.


Bi-weekly 1:1 private coaching sessions, access to me between calls to answer any questions you may have to avoid you feeling stuck, WHICH MEANS me at your side for 12 weeks.

"I was tempted to take HRT, but luckily found Helen. She has totally changed my moods, my weight, my stomach issues and aching joints. She has set me on a new path for the future." 

Gillian, Spain

"I can't believe it, my hot flushes have gone, I don't need to pee in the night, my mood swings are vastly improved, AND I've lost weight!" 

Chris, Windsor

 "After making the changes Helen recommended to my diet and lifestyle, my hot flushes and night sweats were definitely improved after 4 weeks." 

Helen, Somerset

"I can't believe how good I feel. I wasn't sure you'd be able to help me because I thought I had a healthy diet." 

Jane, Bristol

 "This is the best thing I've done, thank-you!" 

Sarah, Maidenhead

"I've got my spark back & my relationship with my husband has improved, SO much more important than

the 1.5 stone weight loss! "

Ann, Bracknell

"I felt like a broken person before, now my brain fog & energy levels have improved greatly and my mood swings less frequent, I feel like I've got the rest of my life to look forward to."

Suzanne, Bristol

THE MENOPAUSE METHOD will give you the know-how and confidence to finally start living your life on your terms.


This is for you if you’re a perimenopausal or menopausal woman who feels like your life and career is being sabotaged by your symptoms. 


This isn’t for you if…

You’re someone who wants a quick fix, without having to put in the work.

You’re not 100% committed to taking action to stop your menopausal symptoms disrupting your life.


Which one do you want to be?  

 I know what I chose!

Hi I’m Helen

I am a Registered Nutritional Therapist passionate about helping women STOP brain fog, anxiety & hot flushes disrupting their lives and careers so they can START feeling normal again.


When menopausal symptoms struck 8 years ago leaving me unable to think clearly. My confidence took a nose dive and I was unable to perform my best at work. And then I was fired! After overhauling my diet and lifestyle, as well as investing in life coaching, I spent 4 years studying nutrition so I can share my knowledge with other women.


As a result, I now help women manage brain fog, anxiety, hot flushes, and the myriad of other symptoms, whilst holding down their careers and living their busy lives to the full.


How do I know this program is right for me?

The Menopause Method is right for you if you are ready, motivated and committed to taking action and making changes to your diet and lifestyle to stop your menopausal symptoms ruining your life. You want to manage your menopause the natural way.

How is this programme different from all the others on the market?

This is a completely personalised programme based on your unique health history, designed to address your unique set of symptoms. 7 years ago, I was in the exact same place you are right now, which led to me losing my job. I know what it feels like to be suddenly hit by brain fog, anxiety and hot flushes and confidently come out the other side.

What is the cost of this program?

£990 as a single sum or 3 x monthly payments of £330.

How do I get started?
Is testing included?

No. Hormone testing is not always necessary but if we agreed it would make a difference to you, this would be ordered and charged separately.

Are supplements included?

No. I prefer a food first approach and supplements are not always necessary but would be ordered and charged separately.

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