4 reasons why your hot flushes are embarrassing you at work
1. You’re having a glass of wine 🍷to help you relax and unwind after work. Alcohol can both constrict and dilate your blood vessels, both of which are unhelpful for your nervous system and can trigger hot flushes. 2. You’re comfort eating too many sugary and starchy foods🍰, which are in-flammatory and worsening every single […]
“I’ve lost weight, got more energy and have had to reduce my HRT”
When I first met Cathy she’d been failing to lose the 1.5 stone she’d put on in the past year. Cathy had tried everything. Cutting calories, Weight Watchers, Slimming World, Slimfast and inter-mittent fasting! BUT nothing she tried helped shift the weight. Here’s how in just 2 weeks of working together Cathy has more energy, […]
Are you scaring the SH*T of your menopause symptoms?
How you’re scaring the SH*T out of your menopause symptoms 👻Brainfog – you can’t think clearly at work but you’re doing nothing about it. 🎃Menopot – you’ve put on weight and blaming it on the menopause, but you’re still counting calories and eating low-fat. 🧙🏿Mood swings – range from happy mood to despair, but you’re […]
Myth: HRT is the only solution to your menopause symptoms. Nutrition + lifestyle make no difference!
I’m calling rubbish on the myth that HRT is the only solution to your menopause symptoms. I’ve worked with many women who have initially been skeptical about how a natural approach can help them feel better. Suzanne is a classic case in point. When I first met her, she initially didn’t believe that I could […]