Feel like you’re going crazy because you just can’t think straight?
Trust me you’re not going crazy or stupid. It’s brain fog. Brain fog was THE WORST symptom I experienced in menopause and is driven by low oestrogen levels in the brain. Brain fog affected my memory and concentration, left me suddenly unable to think clearly and function like I used to and seriously undermined my […]
“This is the best thing I’ve done – I’m more energised, have lost weight and had to reduce my HRT”
Meet Kate. When I first met Kate she’d been struggling to lose the 1.5 stone she’d put on in the past year. Kate had tried everything. Cutting calories, Weight Watchers, Slimming World, Slimfast and fasting! BUT nothing she tried helped shift the weight Here’s how in just 2 weeks of working together she has more […]
So you think you have a healthy diet?
And that may be true. You don’t eat junk or processed food. You eat lots of fruit and veg. You do lots of exercise. But you’re still suffering with brain fog, mood swings, anxiety, sleep disruption, hot flushes, are putting on weight and feel exhausted [delete as appropriate]? Maybe that’s because your healthy diet is […]
Is it worth testing my hormones if I’m taking HRT?
I’m a big fan of the DUTCH test [Dried Urine Testing of Complete Hormones] because it’s one of the most comprehensive tests available and shows you what’s really going on with all of your hormones. And one of the questions I’m often asked by clients taking HRT is it worth it? Even though the test […]