How your hormones affect your menopause
How you feel at menopause is about much more than oestrogen and progesterone. All your hormones work together like an orchestra and when one is out of tune, there is a knock on effect on all the rest. Here’s a quick overview: 1. Oestrogen, progesterone & testosterone [your sex hormones] control your repro-ductive cycle and […]
The Ultimate Guide to Navigating Menopause in your Corporate Career
Fed up of feeling anxious, unable to think clearly and function like you used to at your corporate job? READY to start feeling cool, calm, confident? Great, you’re in the right place… Dialing into what’s causing your brain fog, anxiety and hot flushes is the secret to regaining your confidence, focus and clarity at work. […]
Transforming Lives in a Group Setting
Transforming lives is what my work is all about and this comes through not only educating, but also inspiring and empowering people to take responsibility for their health and lives and above all to take action. But there is something special that happens in a group setting. The people who joined a recent weight-loss course […]
Why you don’t need to eat less & exercise more to lose weight in menopause
If you believe the outdated myth that you just NEED to eat less and exercise more to lose weight then this is for you. Tune in and join Zuzana @ontrack.nutritionist and I tomorrow [Thursday] here LIVE on IG at 1.30pm [UK] to learn: ➡️ Why the theory that you just need to exercise more to […]