Why your menopause Facebook group will not help with your symptoms
There are lots of FB support groups out there where you can ask for advice on whatever menopausal symptom is bothering you most. Some of them are managed by qualified nutritionists and provide useful tips & valuable advice. However, most are really forums for miserable, moaning and desperate women looking for quick fixes to their […]
“Not only have I lost 12 pounds in 12 weeks my sense of well-being and peace of mind have improved massively”
I love getting feedback like this from my clients, it is what makes my work so very rewarding. Meet John, who signed up to a 12-week personalised nutrition and lifestyle programme to lose weight. After a life changing health scare and surgery, John’s doctor had advised him to lose some weight, but despite his best […]
My top tip for managing your menopause naturally..
… is to manage your stress levels. WHY? Because cortisol [one of your main stress hormones] is extremely damaging. It: ☠️ speeds up the ageing process ☠️ damages your brain ☠️ disrupts your memory ☠️ interrupts your sleep ☠️ breaks down elastin and collagen ☠️ raises blood sugar so you gain weight ☠️ makes you […]
Let’s talk hormones
Fed up of feeling anxious, unable to think clearly and function like you used to at work? READY to start feeling cool, calm and confident? Then let’s talk hormones. Different hormones affect you in different ways. Learning how they work and the role they play in your body is the key to start getting back […]